Match Night Competitions

Match night competitions help us to raise funds to assist in competing in the league. Please accept our thanks if you’ve ever taken part in a match night competition!


The 50/50 raffle is a staple of ice hockey games up and down the country!

Our 50/50 tickets are £1 each and the sales are split equally (hence the name) between the prize and the club. You can buy your 50/50 tickets from any of the 50/50 sellers around the venue. You’ll generally find them near the entrance before the game and by the rink cafe in the first and second intervals.

The captain of the visiting team will draw the winning ticket just before the third period and our announcer will let you know the winning number! To claim, take your winning ticket to the timekeeper’s bench by the rink office.

Bin It to Win It

Bin It to Win It is our match night competition and everyone can take part!

The aim of the game is simple – throw a tennis ball into a bin. Do you think you can do that? You’ll be throwing the ball from the stands and the bin will be on the centre face off spot. Still sounds easy? Give it a try!

The prize fund starts at £25 and if there’s no winner we’ll add another £25 to the pot for the next time. Balls cost £1 each and are available in the rink foyer before the game and by the rink cafe in the first interval – we’ll play Bin It to Win It straight after the second period. When you buy your ball you’ll need to give us your name so we know who our winners are. You’ll have 30 seconds to throw your ball so make sure you’re in position! Our announcer will tell you when to start throwing and when to stop. If more than one ball lands in the bin, the prize fund will be shared equally.


  1. Bin It to Win It is open to all spectators at the match.
  2. Balls cost £1 each and must be purchased by the end of the first interval.
  3. Balls will be available from the rink foyer before the game and by the rink cafe during the first interval.
  4. Balls are numbered and we’ll enter your name next to the appropriate number upon purchase.
  5. The prize fund starts at £25. If there is no winner, we’ll add another £25 for the next time we play.
  6. If there is more than one winner, the prize fund will be shared equally.
  7. Bin It to Win It will be played at the beginning of the second interval.
  8. The announcer will start and end the game. The game will last for 30 seconds. Balls thrown before the start or after the end of the game will be disqualified.
  9. To win, the ball must be thrown from the stands within the allotted time and land in the bin without bouncing out again. The ball may bounce on the ice before entering the bin.
  10. Team benches, the timekeeper’s bench and penalty boxes are out of bounds and cannot be used for throwing balls.
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