Match Night Music

Whitley Warriors’ match night music and announcements are supplied by Andy McGregor, a Warriors fan of over three decades.

Here at the Hillheads our music is designed to pump up the fans and players, create a great atmosphere and above all to enhance your hockey viewing experience.

If you have any requests or suggestions you can get in touch with Andy by completing the form below.

About Andy

Andy has supported Whitley Warriors since 1988. Unfortunately, he lost track of ice hockey in 1993 and it was only in the 2006-2007 season when he moved back to Tyneside that he started coming back to the Wigwam.

His all-time favourite Warrior is a Whitley legend – Mike Rowe – and he has fond memories of many games from over the years but none more so than the 9-9 draw with Durham Wasps at Hillheads in the Heineken Play Offs in 1989.

We’re often asked what songs we use before the game, and what the goal songs are. You can find a selection of the music below.

CelDro – Visionary (Intro – good evening and welcome)
Jimmy Page – Kashmir (instrumental) (Team changes)
Alan Parsons Project – Sirius
Barry De Vorzon – Baseball Furies Chase (from “The Warriors”)
Blitz Kids – Warrior
Burn Halo – Our House
Disturbed – Warrior
Foxy Shazam – Unstoppable
Freedom Call – Warriors
Jock Jams – Lets Get Ready To Rumble (Hockey Mix)
Linkin Park vs Carl Orff – The Catalyst vs Carmina Burana (DJs From Mars remix)
Lush & Simon feat. KiFi & BullySongs – Warriors
Mickey Thomas – Stand In The Fire
Papa Roach – Warriors
Royal Republic – Here I Come (There You Go)
Rowdy & Raunchy – We Are The Warriors
Sanctus Real – Beautiful Day
Sixx AM – This Is Gonna Hurt
Skillet – Hero
Tough Luck Kid – Warrior

Warriors Entrance
Various Artists – Whitley Warriors intro (Warriors… Come Out To Play)
Skid Row – Let’s Go (Whitley Warriors edit)

Start of Match
National Anthem – God Save The Queen
Fat Boy Slim – Right Here Right Now
Backyard Babies – Everybody Ready (Whitley Warriors edit)

Warriors Goal Songs
Pirhanas – Tom Hark (Whitley Warriors goal mix)
TV Theme – Hawaii 5-0 (Whitley Warriors goal mix)

Away Goal Songs
Chumbawamba – Tubthumping
Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It
Ozzy Osborne – Shot in the Dark

Do you have a request for a song to be played during a break in play?

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