Although we try to make the ice rink environment as safe as possible for everyone, there are some things we need to make you aware of.

Do not stand on staircases or landings

To comply with fire regulations, please do not stand on staircases or landings. Standing in these areas also blocks some spectators’ view of the of the game. Please be considerate to other spectators.

Flash photography is not permitted at any time during the game

The players skate at speed and a camera flash could disorient them and cause an accident. Please ensure that the flash on your camera is off.

Bad language and antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated at Whitley Bay Ice Rink

If you witness antisocial behaviour or bad language, you are encouraged to report it to a member of ice rink staff.

Be aware of the location of the puck during the game

Ice hockey is a game played at a fast pace. Although there are safety barriers between the seating stands and ice, the puck can occasionally be hit or rebound over the barriers.